Friday, 11 June 2010

Road Trip

When James first went to University, many moons ago, he bought me the Malcolm Pryce masterpiece Aberystwyth Mon Amour for no other reason that it had the word Aberystwyth in the title. Over the years I have become a huge fan of Louie Knight and all the other strange and wonderful characters that spill from Mr Pryce's wild imaginings, so you can imagine my childlike delight when on our recent visit to James and Claire not only did we see Louie's Dad leading one of his donkeys along the prom but Dave was ready camera in hand to record the event!!

J and C didn't share my excitement but they were happy enough to partake in an ice cream from Sospan's even if I couldn't get them to the Druid run Moulin Club in Patriarch Street.

Instead they took us up to the Red Kite Centre to see those beautiful birds at feeding time, where the beating of their huge wings through the still air sounded like the gentle singing of Mfanwy at her very best.

On a day as warm and sunny as that one I am sure that even the Ladies from the Sweet Jesus League would have approved (well I would like to think so but we all know what those Ladies are really like!)

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