Thursday, 18 February 2010

Our new home

I bought Dave a new camera for his birthday last year and just after we moved down here he thought he would take some 'snaps' of our new home or "the work in progress" as we laughing call it. But when the smell of drying paint gets too much we escape and go out to catch the sunset .

Some days we are lucky and get to see the fishing boats coming in. It all depend on the tides apparently!

Like the Government we have a 5 Year Plan for or new home but unlike the Government we expect to complete the works under budget, ahead of schedule and the only tax payers money we will be using will be our own.

The garden room is off the back of the kitchen. We're not sure how old it is but the best guess is about 15 years. Eventually we will replace it with a bigger conservatory but in the meantime it's home to the computer and the dogs bed!

Since this picture was taken we have had a cooker fitted in the kitchen (the previous owner took her's with her!!) with a posh new cooker hood, a new fancy radiator fitted to replace the old large one that was stopping us from fitting our big fridge against the wall, we've had extra electric sockets fitted for all my gadgets and painted the walls and changed the curtains and the window blinds. We just have to fit the new splash back behind the cooker and replace the wall tiles for it to look quite splendid.

The hall didn't look too bad but I was tempted to rip the blue wallpaper off, instead I've just painted all the woodwork and doors and changed the artwork on the walls. Where the mirror is in the picture is now a collection of some of the paintings we have collected over the years. Bella isn't fussed either way, as long as we don't change the door mat she's happy.

We haven't touched the living room yet apart from rearranging the furniture and getting new ceiling lights fitted (she took those with her as well as the cooker!) Eventually we will redecorate in here but not before we change the fire and get the carpet up and have wooden flooring laid, pale carpets and wet dogs do not mix!

We are still in the planning stage for an extension and will probably do any work over two phases - phase one will be working with the floor plan we have now while the more ambitious phase two will literally involve raising the roof. All these plans of course will involve the local planning authority so we don't imagine that we will be starting work on them any time soon!

In the meantime we are enjoying what we've got already and timing the dogs last walk of the dog to coincide with the sunset. - wow it's not a bad life!