Friday, 11 June 2010

Dover Castle

As part of the Operation Dynamo commemorations, Dover Castle had a special weekend where you could visit the old tunnels where Admiral Ramsey conducted the operation to evacuate the troops from Dunkirk and in the grounds around the castle they had people in very authentic costume reinacting everything from NAAFI canteens to Home Guard emplacements to German check points.

The reinactors were very knowledgeable and it really brought history to life to be able to walk around the different areas . This woman was a recruiter for the WVS which eventually became the WRVS.

This chap was from the Home Guard and looked so realistic we expect Cpt Mainwaring to appear at any moment.

We took the 'little train' tour of the whole site and were stopped at the checkpoint by this officer and his troops. It was a little disconcerting to be asked for your papers but one man in our carriage who announced that he was a Basque and he had special papers really entered into the spirit of the thing!

Every where you went there were people in costume, civilians as well as service men and women. They had ship out in the harbour and landing craft coming on the beaches and even a parachute drop.

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