Monday, 21 April 2008

Traveling around Anglesea

Couldn't believe our luck with the weather, so we made the most of it and toured around a little before heading home.

First stop was at South Stack lighthouse for morning coffee (oh my god I'm beginning to sound so posh!)

Then we drove to to Newborough so that the dogs could have a good run on the beach before we had to set off for home

For a puppy's eye view of the trip and lots more doggy related stuff, check out the new pictures on the Puppy Tales blog

Photos from our Camping Trip

The pups were very happy to sit outside the van watching the air display

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Peugot 207

We picked up the new (well new to us) car today. Lesley and I now have a very nice little Peugot 207 and while it might not be as flashy as the Alpha Romeo Gtv it is far more sensible - youngest nephew take note - I will now be able to go shopping without worrying whether I have room in the boot to get 2 cannisters of milk and a family size box of Persil as well as being able to transport the dogs around without serious risk of dislocating my back trying to lift them into a coupe!

Oh my God I've just had a thought - does this mean that I'm growing up - (I hope not)

(lots of pictures of Anglesea, puppies and various cars waiting to be uploaded - watch this space)

Camping with the pups and the RAF

We took the dogs away in the campervan this week for the first time and before you start thinking that we have completely lost our marbles I should add that it was only for one night.

We weren't sure if they would settle for the night or even if we would all fit in but we needn't have worried. The dogs slept slept better in the van than they do at home and apart from making sure that we didn't fall over them when we got out of bed, there was plenty (?) of room for us all.

The only problem we had was that Bella got travel sick every time we moved - the poor thing spent every journey lying there looking very miserable -and I spent many a happy hour trying to clean doggy vom out of the carpet every time we stopped.

But apart from that we had a great time and the weather on Angelsea was very kind to us, sunny and cold. We stayed on a farm just outside Rhosneiger and had a brilliant view of a snow capped Snowdonia in the distance. The air was clean, the fields were green and lush, the lambs were gamboling about with abandon and the peace was continually shattered by the noise of the RAF flying in and out of Valley - brilliant - it was like having the best seats in the house for our very own private air show - Dave was in his element!

Start of a new term

Dave has driven Lesley back to York today.

I was hoping that I could have gone with them but try as we might we couldn't fit three grown ups, two dogs, one very large holdall 2 carriers of books and 3 bags of groceries into the car plus a full size bookcase. I thought that we could have taken the campervan but Lesley said that she would disown us if we turned up looking like the Clampets - cheek - it's a v.posh little campervan.

(I think that we embarrass our daughter sometimes!)

Selling the Alpha

We had forgotten the joy of selling a car privately. The last time we updated we traded in the old car but this time we wanted to sell my Alpha Romeo and Lesley's KA to buy a small car that she and I could both drive AND fit the dogs in.

There was no way they would fit in the back of the Alpha and besides which we couldn't get Lesley on the insurance for it. They could (just) get into the KA but it was a real performance trying to persuade them to hop into the back so it made sense to change both cars at once.

But first we had to sell the Alpha - you would not believe the number of mad men out there who are trawling Auto Trader looking for Alphas. Dave had put a really good advert on their site, comprehensive description and lots of snazzy photos but we still had phone calls ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, although the best had to be;

Hi are you selling an Alpha? yes Is it a Lusso? No Does it have leather seats? No it has Alpha badged cloth seats - only the Lusso has leather So it's not a Lusso then? No it's a GTV So what shade of red is it? Its silver Shit I've phoned the wrong advert......

We eventually sold it to a chap from Sheffield who travelled over on the train in a snow storm to buy it - the guy from Cornwall who thought that Runcorn was somewhere in East Anglia presumably thought that it was a bit too far to travel to buy the car as a surprise for his wife (without even seeing it!) - bless!