Friday, 11 June 2010

Devils Bridge

I love waterfalls and if I can view one without scaling a rocky cliff face and risk loosing my life in the process I will happily stare at one for hours. Devils Bridge 12 miles outside Aberystwyth was once famously described by Wordsworth as a raging torrent, the day we went it was more of a trickle - who could have known that Mid Wales was having such a dry spring....

Needless to sat I totally wimped out when found that there were about 3000 steps down from the road to see it, well OK I'm not sure how many steps but there were LOTS and they were very steep and there wasn't a handrail the whole way down! Those Victorian ladies must have had some balls to walk down them in their long dresses and unsuitable footwear!!

That said, it's a lovely place and well worth a visit (even for a scaredy cat like me)

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Anonymous said...

There are handrails everywhere! You would have known if you went down :)