Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Update from the garret

Sorry for the long delay between posts, I don't know where the time is going to.

We had a lovely week camping with the pups in Cornwall last month. The weather was kind to us and the change of scenery did us all the world of good. We came home with the best of intentions, getting the hall redecorated, have lots of trips away in the van and check out the job boards for a new contract for Dave.

Well the hall/landing/stairs is very nearly finished, only the floor left to lay and a few finishing touchings here and there. Dave has been for an interview for a contract down in Reading and will probably hear if he has it next week. Mind you he's not too fussed either way, Reading is a long way from home so he would have to stay down there all week and just travel home of a weekend but the money is good and they are talking about the job taking 18 months so he thought that he would take a punt. I have very mixed feelings about him taking the job but most of my concerns are probably just me being all silly and girly. It would be great if he could find a 3 month contract more local so that he could come home every night but beggars can't be choosers!

Dave's Mum is in hospital at the moment so he has been traveling backwards and forwards to London for the past couple of weeks. She seems to be on the mend but it could take a while for her to be well enough to be discharged. In the meantime he is commuting between London/Reading and Cheshire on what seems to be a weekly basis - so much for taking things easy from now on....

The pups have recovered well from their operations ( they have both been 'done' - there was no way I was taking the chance of them having puppies) but I doubt if they'll ever forgive me for making them wear plastic hoods.....they were not happy bunnies.....lots of pictures on Puppy Tales as evidence that they did find the paint tray on the landing!!!