Thursday, 14 June 2007

Spanish Steps

I have been doing a lot of research for Spanish Steps this week. Ella, Fliss and Martin's youngest daughter, is a Social Worker, and I am ashamed to say, that before this week I hadn't realised quite how difficult their job can be. It is fascinating investigating the lives and loves of all the characters. I am getting very fond of them all and hope that you will too. Keep logging on to for details of the launch date .

Coming soon............Spanish Steps ................the web's first interactive online soap

Family Business

It has been a busy time since James came home from Aberystwyth last week. He wasn't able to clear his flat out completely in one car trip, so last Friday I went back with him to finish packing and cleaning the flat.

'Just a quick trip Mum, we'll have some lunch, load the car up and be back home before tea time'

Ha!!! the traffic was awful, the heat was incredible, and the road across the mountains into Aberystwyth was CLOSED. We ended up having a 6 hour road trip through parts of Wales James didn't know even existed. No satnav, no map, only road signs and a phone call to Dave put us on the right road. The day wasn't a complete disaster, we had a lovely lunch on the seafront in Aber, the weather was glorious, we saw some beautiful scenery and we left the flat looking a damn sight cleaner than it did when James moved into it.

Dave had to go down to Newport on Saturday for the final meeting of Davis Bros so we decided to make a weekend of it and take the van. I spent a lovely day with Ron and Celia in Chepstow, catching up with all the news of their beautiful grandson. Dave picked me up after his meeting and we drove to a campsite in the Forest of Dean that we have stayed at before. We had a good pitch and the evening was so warm that we were still sitting outside the van at 10.30pm

Lesley is home for the night on Saturday with four of her friends from York. They are coming over to see Jimmy Carr at the Liverpool Empire. It will be great to see them all if only on a flying visit. Lesley is in the middle of her exams and has to get back to revise for her last one at 9.30 on Monday. It won't be long before she is home for the summer, well most of it, we'll see her between Festivals, visiting Lawrence and their holiday to Corfu. Makes me dizzy just thinking about it!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The Prodigal Returns

Where have the last three years gone to? James has finished his degree and has come home to look for temp work to help fund his Gap Year travels. It doesn't seem five minutes since I was waving him off to Aberystwyth. He is hoping to find work until Christmas and then he should have enough money saved to fund his round the world trip. It sounds really exciting, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and America/Canada. To be able to do all he wants, he will need some serious dosh behind him, so I hope he finds some decent jobs so that he can get the money together.

Earlier this year during the Winter gales, our conservatory roof took a battering. The Insurance Company agreed to get it fixed but somewhere along the line the amount they are prepared to pay is in dispute. We have had a variety of workmen turning up with ladders and tape measures but still no new panels. If many more strange men turn up, the neighbours will start talking about me!! I am just hoping that it will be fixed before the Autumn gales arrive. I have visions of the roof sailing across the countryside leaving me clutching the dog and dodging falling witches.

With the housing market still dragging it's feet, the threatened introduction of HIPs and the latest news from the Bank of England that we should expect another two interest rate rises before August, we are not building our hopes up for a quick sale! Dave and I are now working on Plan B.
Watch this space.