Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Not long now - only 2 days 'till Christmas.  The decorations are up, the turkey is defrosting  - I love Christmas!!

The birds have their own wreath full of nuts and seeds ( and clementines for colour)

There are snowflakes in the conservatory

And a trendy chilli wreath on the drive

Just the cake to ice and the last of the presents to wrap all we need now is Dave to come home and we'll be complete
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Tuesday, 2 December 2008


As part of Murphy's on-going treatment for his hip dysplasia I take him swimming once a week. His muscle tone has really improved and over the weeks his stamina has improved so much that he now wears me out on our daily walks.

On a cold day like today it is lovely and warm in the water and he gets a good work out, especially now he doesn't have to wear a life jacket. He does get over enthusiastic sometimes and poor John the hydrotherapist has to make sure that he keeps his fingers tucked in when Murphy is chasing the toy. So far he hasn't managed to eat any of John's fingers - though it has been close - the poor man deserves danger money!!
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Monday, 1 December 2008

I Blame the Early Start

Couldn't understand why I was getting colder and colder this morning until that is I looked at the central heating control panel and discovered that I had switched it off rather than putting it on - on the coldest day of the year - duhhh

The poor boy

Sometimes I think that Bella just uses me

'I  dare you to break the ice on the pond' she said

Then she ran off and ate it!

and she didn't leave any for me

the poor boy but it's a lesson well learnt - you can't outwit a bitch 

Do you think she'll want seconds?