Friday, 11 June 2010


It is becoming a tradition on our visits to Aber that we stay on the small campsite in Borth next to their world famous Animalarium where the screeching of the peacocks is our early morning alarm call. Our other tradition is to meet up for dinner at the Victoria Inn on the High Street to sit on their terrace overlooking the Irish Sea to watch the amazing sunset and try our hand a Dolphin spotting.

The sunset didn't disappoint.

But the only things we saw in the water were some intrepid swimmers - never mind, we did see a dolphin earlier in the day when we were sitting on the prom in Aberystwyth and how cool is that!

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Emma said...

Fantastic photos! :)

Joyce said...

Thanks Emma but I claim no credit for the fancy photos, since buying Dave a new camera for Christmas he has become a real little David Bailey!