Friday, 17 July 2009

St George's Hall - Liverpool

Continuing our 'let's explore what we have on our own doorstep' travel theme, Dave I went went into Liverpool on Tuesday afternoon to visit St George's Hall.

The building has a fascinating history. In 1886 public money was raised for a building for festivals, meetings and concerts and the architect Harvey Lonsdale Elmes duly set to designing a wonderful building in the heart of the city.

However this was a time of boom for the city and with any great growth in population there is also exponentially a growth in crime and Liverpool needed it's own Assize's Court. So what did they do? well the only sensible thing, they had Elmes redesign one half of the building as a court replendant with it's own cells in the basement and the other half as a splendid ballroom with a tiled Milton Floor!!

As the guide said 'only in Liverpool' would this have been considered the 'sensible' option. I love this city.....

For a paoramic guide of the hall check out but be patient, it takes a little while to load but it's worth it!

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