Friday, 24 July 2009

Memory Lane

Long, long, ago, when the world was made in black and white, one summer we rented a caravan in Rhyl for our holidays.

Not that I can remember anything about it, but when I was sorting out the garage I came across these old photos showing my Nan, my eldest and youngest brothers and little old me sitting on my Mum's knee.

Where my other brother and sister there with us?

How did we all fit into that little van?

Did Dad take the photo and was he staying there too?

Is the holiday camp still there?

When did I stop being so dammed cute?

Are all my memories triggered by photos?

So many questions, what is a girl to do?

Easy, last week we took a trip down memory lane as part of our 'let's appreciate what's on our own doorstep before we move' travels. Although I remember bugger all about the holiday in question what I do remember is that North Wales was a very long way away from Liverpool. It seemed to take us days to get there but now we can pop out there for an afternoon - absolute madness - is the world getting smaller!!

Apparently there were six of us staying in that little van, unfortunately Dad and big brother couldn't stay as there was still the business to run but they did come out to visit us during the week.

Lyons Robin Hood holiday camp is still there and is still going strong but as you can see from their website the caravans on offer today are a lot bigger than the one we stayed in!

And apparently I'm still quite cute......

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