Monday, 29 June 2009

Where am I?

OK fancy a little quiz?

We had a few days away in the van last week and woke each morning to the sound of little monkeys screeching as they played among the branches of a near-by tree - from the farmer's field we were saying on we could see goats on the hillside and a cheetah sleeping the day away - at the beach side pub were we were having dinner, we could watch dolphins playing in the bay - most of the locals spoke to us in English even though for some of them it wasn't their first language - the evenings were so warm we could sit by the sea watching the sun set without having to wear a coat.

So have you guessed yet?


Need another clue?

There is a railway line but it's only a single track with just one train every two hours.....

OK do you give in?

Borth in West Wales (just along the coast from Aberystwyth) and the animals? well our farmer's field was next to the famous Borth Animalarium (that's a mini zoo to you and me)

(lot's of photos to follow as soon as the heat goes out of the conservatory and I can get to the printer without passing out!)

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