Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Dave's Home

It's 6.43am and I have just published Episode 5 of Spanish Steps.

The house is quiet at the moment. Dave and James are still asleep and the puppies don't seem to have realised that I am up. When they do, it will be the usual chaotic scrambling of trying to mop the floor of 'little accidents' while trying to get their food out before they trip me up in their rush to eat. ( the puppies I mean - not Dave and James)

I can't believe that it's only just over a week since Dave was rushed into hospital. That has to have been the longest week in history, but thanks to the diligence of our GP and the professionalism of Warrington and Broadgreen Hospitals he is now home ands well on the way to fighting fitness after having an angioplasty and stent fitted following his heart attack.

What a frightening phrase - heart attack - it sounds so scary. It conjures up visions of episodes of Casualty with crash trollies and chest thumping when in actual fact Dave's attack was more like a very bad dose of heartburn. It was only my nagging last Monday that made him go to the GP. He was convinced the pain was from acid reflux!

Knocking the NHS seems to be a national sport at the moment, well at least in the 'popular press' (and we all know my views on those bastards) but in an emergency you can't fault the system.

So thank you Dr Morgan for second checking the ECG that you ran in the health centre, thank you to all the staff in Warrington Hospital Cardiac Care Unit for all the tests you ran and the care you took of him and thank you Broadgreen Hospital Cardiothorasic Centre for carrying out the angioplasty less than 12 hours after getting the results from the angiogram carried out in Warrington. And not forgetting in this list of thank yous the staff of the Ambulance Service who were faultless - did you know for the whole of the Warrington, Runcorn, Lymme and Northwich area there are only 2.5 dedicated ambulances - now that is scary.


Jackie Bellfield said...

so sorry ot hear of this - I hope Dave is on the road to recovery.

Love your blogs - been into all of them xx Jackie

Joyce said...

Thanks Jackie, Dave is doing really well, we had a bit of a scare last week but it turned out to be a chest infection. He started cardio rehab yesterday and is hoping to be back to fighting fitness very soon